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A new kind of business eBook App.

Business for Beginners

Over the years I have published several books for the small business community, but none of these spoke directly to the small business owners like you.

This is why I decided that a new series of eBook Apps would be an ideal platform to offer timely and practical advice to the growing group of micro business owners just like you.

A new era in small business support

Your eBook Apps are the perfect way to learn new skills. Dynamic content is always on your phone or tablet. Learn at your own pace. When new information is available, your eBook App updates.

Save Time & Money

The dynamic content in every eBook App enables you to learn new skills fast!

Dynamic Content

Video, audio, motion graphics and animation are all used to teach you the skills you need.

Help, Advice, Skills and Knowledge on Your Phone

A new and unique way to learn the skills you need to run a successful business. Gain vital information to make your small enterprise profitable from day one. 


In each eBook App you interact with content to gain the information and skills you need.

Dynamic Content

Video and audio with easily digestible text make learning quick and easy.

constant updates

Your eBook App is a live App. You will see notifications when new content is added.

Build your library

Each eBook App is one in a series that teach specific skills or gather together focused content.

on the app stores

Each eBook App is available on the leading App stores. New Apps are added regularly.

expert authors

Learn from experts in their field. Each eBook App is packed with timely help and advice.

The First eBook App

Do you want to start a new business but don't know where to start? The first eBook App is your guide. Every aspect of starting a new business from choosing the business structure, regulations you need to comply with, and how to make tax easy is included.

Want to be your own boss?
Business for Beginners is your essential guide