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Dave Howell is Nexus Publishing. I have been working as a freelance writer, journalist and publisher for the last 25 years. I specialise in technology and business subjects.

My work has appeared in the national press and many of the leading technology and business magazines. Most of my work is for trade magazines in a number of sectors. I am able to look at a new subject, understand its key elements, and then write engaging copy for the audience of the magazine or website I am writing for.

During my career I have written for both the B2B and B2C markets. I can take a brief and turn this into a feature, case study, product or service review that is aimed specifically at your readership.

If you need quality writing for your business, are an editor looking for new ideas for features, or you are thinking about publishing a magazine or book; I can help with practical advice.

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If you are an editor looking for a professional writer to pitch new ideas for features, contact me today.



I can understand your business and write compelling content to attract new customers to your enterprise.


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If you are thinking of publishing digital magazines or books, I can help with practical advice and services.

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Every piece of work for your company will be hand-crafted by me to your precise needs.

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Business and technology are my specialist subjects. Why not use my knowledge and experience in you business?

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One of my strengths is understanding your business and developing new ideas for world-class content.
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Who is Nexus Publishing?

Originally from a small town called Darlaston – about ten miles north of Birmingham – I have now settled in Shropshire after moving here to start my freelance writing business.

I have been a freelance writer and journalist for over 20 years. Before that eight years was spent doing various other jobs such as bookshop assistant, print finisher and returns clerk for a large library supplier, with the writing taking up evenings and any of my spare time. As you can see, much of my life so far has been spent working with books and publishing of one kind or another.

Several years were spent building up a portfolio of work. I then moved to West Sussex to help manage one of the early online retailers in their books department of course. That job lasted for three years, where I continued to write for some clients.

My time as an employee came to a conclusion with redundancy. So I took the opportunity to see if I could survive as a freelance writer. That was over two decades ago. There have been some lean times – just ask my wife, Joanne. But after tasting the freelance life, there’s no going back.

There was always an ambition to work in the publishing industry with freelance writing having a particular appeal to me. Being able to understand and analyse a business need and then craft engaging content has always come very easily to me, which has formed the foundation of my business over the last few years.

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